Game on!

Michelle again with a quick weekend update! Ok, probably not so quick…

What a fun weekend! Uncle Dan & Aunt Jill were in SF (from Reno). The University of Nevada-Reno played Boston College at AT&T Park in the Kraft Hunger Bowl. I’d never heard of this bowl, but it is my new favorite bowl game! If you’re wondering why I’m a UNR supporter it’s because I attended college there for a “few” years…as did #7! Dave (#3) also worked for Marriott at UNR for a few years and he showed up for the game too!

Dave (who else??)

D&J arrived Saturday afternoon and as luck would have it were staying at a friend’s apartment about 6 blocks from me. They left me a message saying they were heading out for a “bite to eat”; however, when I called them back I found them at Shanghai Kelly’s. That would be the Irish bar down the street. So, I immediately scooted down to meet them and what did I discover when I arrived? Shanghai Kelly’s was the official headquarters for Boston College. ACK! Luckily, Jill is quite the sweet-talker and made friends with the BC fans so we didn’t get beat up or anything. 😉 We had a couple of beers and Dan ran across the street to Nick’s Tacos and brought us back some yummy tacos for lunch. Hitting the local hot spots right off the bat!

We went our separate ways and met up a few hours later for dinner. We decided on La Trappe, my new favorite spot for visitor’s. It’s a Belgian Bistro & Lounge that serves amazing mussels and has a huge beer selection. Don’t miss the Chicken Videe appetizer. Holy. Cow. AMAZING!

Ok, so that was Saturday. Sunday we met up and were all decked out in our UNR gear! (Jill was so sweet and bought me a UNR sweatshirt so I wouldn’t be an outcast). I met D&J around 9:45 and took them on a tour of my apartment. By 9:46 we were crossing the street to The Crepe House for breakfast (and breakfast dessert of a strawberry crepe w/ whipped cream)! After breakfast we grabbed a cab to Union Square for the Wolf Pack rally! There were so many people from Reno it was unbelievable. Everywhere I turned there was a Nevada fan. Apparently, 25,000 people came down from Reno for the game and at least 3000 of them were at the rally. Not only was there a great crowd, but Wolfie, Mr. Peanut, and Mr. Kool-Aid were there! (So nice to have a geek like me (Jill) wanting pics with all of the characters)! Kraft sponsored the rally and boy did we rake in the free snacks! (Jill and I were very mom-like and got as much free stuff as we could carry).

After the rally we puttered around, had lunch at Amici’s across from the ballpark and…Dave (#3) arrived! A few minutes later Dave’s brother-in-law Mike and son Joe arrived. Such a family affair!

We headed out to the tailgate area and met up with a number of D&J’s friends who were kind enough to share their food (& beer)! We finally headed into the ballpark for the 6 o’clock kickoff. It was an exciting game, but UNR (& their fans) were a force to be reckoned with and went away with the WIN defeating Boston College 20-13. Woohooo!

It was so fun showing D&J some of my favorite places. It reminded me of visits with Mom. She loved coming into the city & checking out the local “hot spots”. Although I couldn’t convince Dan & Jill to take the bus, I did take them on a walk through the loud and unpicturesque Broadway tunnel…heehee.

I love that my family is so awesome!

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7 responses to “Game on!

  1. Mitch,
    What an awesome weekend! I wish I could have been there, but to be honest, at almost 8 months pregnant, I’m exhausted just reading about what you all did.
    Funny that your apartment tour took less than one minute, shocked you have no UNR apparel, glad D&J were introduced to Nick’s tacos, relieved that you didn’t get beat up at SK and THRILLED that UNR won! Go Wolfpack!

  2. Mitch,
    We had a great time. Classic picture of the two nuts! I do not think that I should be called a dork just because I am in the picture with Dave. I like the way you got us a cab everytime we needed one. You are good! Thanks for giving us the tour of your apartment. I am glad it did not last too long (45 seconds). I was hungry for breakfast. I did like the theater room and the office/den. It was good that we got to see some of your hot spots in the City. We noticed that they were mainly bars except for the breakfast place that served Bloody Mary’s.
    Hope to see you soon.
    dan and jill

  3. Go Wolfpack….being an alumni, I watched the game and looked for all of you! I should have tuned in earlier and maybe would have caught you at the rally with Mr. Peanut/Mr. Koolaid….so glad for the pictures that validate you made it to the game considering the pre-game activities. Mitch, I can’t wait to get a tour of your most favorite spots…yum! I promise not to be a dork!

  4. Mitch,
    First of all let’s clarify the “dorks” picture….she tagged that one wrong…she thought is was the picture of Mich and Jill…clearly Dan and I would properly be labled “Studs”. I was so happy it worked out and I got to enjoy the game….though Karen wonders how many of my “business” trips just happen to coincide with sporting events (golf tourneys, Giants games, St. Mary’s games, bowl games, etc.)…..I tell her it really is just coincidental…I can’t help when and where my clients schedule meetings! It has also been nice to be able to sneak up to Napa a lot the last several weeks…I enjoy being able to stay the night in Napa and spend time with Dad….especially when he cooks!
    Congrat’s Wolfpack….


  5. As a matter of fact…what happened to the picture of the St. Puali and Bud Light girls with Dan and I (they asked if they could take their pictures with us)….don’t see Dan and I with no Koolaid or Peanut characters….clearly, not Dork I & II…..I think we all know who those two are :).

  6. I don’t usually read or respond to e-mails (last of the techi hold outs), but Dan tells me that I have been insulted! I’ll have you know Mr. Peanut was in great demand that day, and we were fortunate to have gotten a shot with him. By the way, he has great legs! I’ll admit, Mr. Kool-aid isn’t a looker, but he had a good personality. Be careful who you tick off ’cause I have some very damaging pictures of a certain person involved in questionable activities with the Oreo Cookie guy. Jill

  7. What a fun weekend and I am sure enjoying the comments! I am with Karen on the way all Dave’s trips happen to be when all the exciting events go on. 🙂 I am also wondering how you were able to follow the game with all the pre-game thirst quenching stops. I did tune in and see the last quarter and it was mighty exciting.

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